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Instruction for Filing change in particulars (form XV):

  1. Enter your valid User ID and Password to login.
  2. Click onto NewUser Registration, if you have not yet registered.
  3. Note down User ID and Password for future use.
  4. After login, click on to link “Click here for filling form XV”.

    Pre-Requisite :

  1. Registration certificate number and date of issue (Mandatory)
  2. Evidence of prior intimation of filing of Form XV to the interested/affected person(s), if any.
  3. Signature to be scanned in jpg format with less then 512 KB and kept ready for uploading
  4. All the documents to be uploaded in pdf format in less than 5 MB

    Necessary Documents :

  1. Original Power of Attorney (POA). [If Applicable]
  2. Affidavit to the effect that ‘No Case’ is/are pending in any court of law relating to RoC in Question; [Mandatory].
  3. Notarized Copy of Assignment Deeds of Licence, in case the proposed changes are consequential on assignment of Licences copyright; [Mandatory in respect of Col No. 11 And 12]
  4. Notarized copy of Assignment Deed/Partnership Deed/Dissolution Deed/Certificate of Incorporation etc; [Mandatory in respect of Col No. 11, 12 and 13]
  5. Copy of Extract of RoC. [Mandatory]

(List of the documents to be attached in pdf and Guidlines, please ensure that acrobat pdf is installed in your system).